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doc: Fix typo.

* doc/guix.texi (X Window): Fix ‘string-apppend’ typo.
parent 792e1c2c
......@@ -21141,7 +21141,7 @@ Select display server to use for the greeter. Valid values are
@item @code{numlock} (default: "on")
Valid values are @samp{"on"}, @samp{"off"} or @samp{"none"}.
@item @code{halt-command} (default @code{#~(string-apppend #$shepherd "/sbin/halt")})
@item @code{halt-command} (default @code{#~(string-append #$shepherd "/sbin/halt")})
Command to run when halting.
@item @code{reboot-command} (default @code{#~(string-append #$shepherd "/sbin/reboot")})
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