Unverified Commit d779de18 authored by Ludovic Courtès's avatar Ludovic Courtès
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installer: Tell the user where the config file is.

* gnu/installer/newt/final.scm (strip-prefix): New procedure.
(run-config-display-page): Add a sentence showing where the config file
is stored.
parent ada4aeb0
......@@ -30,15 +30,24 @@ (define-module (gnu installer newt final)
#:use-module (newt)
#:export (run-final-page))
(define* (strip-prefix file #:optional (prefix (%installer-target-dir)))
"Strip PREFIX from FILE, if PREFIX actually is a prefix of FILE."
(if (string-prefix? prefix file)
(string-drop file (string-length prefix))
(define (run-config-display-page)
(let ((width (%configuration-file-width))
(height (nearest-exact-integer
(/ (screen-rows) 2))))
#:info-text (G_ "We're now ready to proceed with the installation! \
#:info-text (format #f (G_ "\
We're now ready to proceed with the installation! \
A system configuration file has been generated, it is displayed below. \
This file will be available as '~a' on the installed system. \
The new system will be created from this file once you've pressed OK. \
This will take a few minutes.")
(strip-prefix (%installer-configuration-file)))
#:title (G_ "Configuration file")
#:file (%installer-configuration-file)
#:info-textbox-width width
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