Commit e119ba90 authored by Alex Kost's avatar Alex Kost
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emacs: Rename 'guix-search-by-name' to 'guix-packages-by-name'.

* emacs/guix-ui-package.el (guix-search-by-name): Rename to...
  (guix-packages-by-name): ... this.  Complete package name.
* doc/emacs.texi (Emacs Commands): Likewise.
parent 264ae686
......@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ Display all installed packages.
Display obsolete packages (the packages that are installed in a profile
but cannot be found among available packages).
@item M-x guix-search-by-name
@item M-x guix-packages-by-name
Display package(s) with the specified name.
@item M-x guix-search-by-regexp
......@@ -912,15 +912,15 @@ See `guix-package-info-type'."
"A history of minibuffer prompts.")
(defun guix-search-by-name (name &optional profile)
"Search for Guix packages by NAME.
(defun guix-packages-by-name (name &optional profile)
"Display Guix packages with NAME.
NAME is a string with name specification. It may optionally contain
a version number. Examples: \"guile\", \"guile-2.0.11\".
If PROFILE is nil, use `guix-current-profile'.
Interactively with prefix, prompt for PROFILE."
(list (read-string "Package name: " nil 'guix-package-search-history)
(list (guix-read-package-name)
(guix-package-get-display profile 'name name))
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