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doc: Remove traces of "Guix System Distribution".

* doc/guix.texi (Invoking guix package)
(Official Substitute Server, System Configuration): Replace "the Guix
System Distribution" by "Guix System".
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......@@ -2653,7 +2653,7 @@ current generation of the user's default profile. Thus, users can add
@file{$HOME/.guix-profile/bin} to their @code{PATH} environment
variable, and so on.
@cindex search paths
If you are not using the Guix System Distribution, consider adding the
If you are not using Guix System, consider adding the
following lines to your @file{~/.bash_profile} (@pxref{Bash Startup
Files,,, bash, The GNU Bash Reference Manual}) so that newly-spawned
shells get all the right environment variable definitions:
......@@ -3140,7 +3140,7 @@ could use the information gathered to determine, for instance, whether
your system has unpatched security vulnerabilities.
Substitutes from the official build farm are enabled by default when
using the Guix System Distribution (@pxref{GNU Distribution}). However,
using Guix System (@pxref{GNU Distribution}). However,
they are disabled by default when using Guix on a foreign distribution,
unless you have explicitly enabled them via one of the recommended
installation steps (@pxref{Installation}). The following paragraphs
......@@ -10192,7 +10192,7 @@ ClientCommand: cuirass --cache-directory /var/cache/cuirass @dots{}
@chapter System Configuration
@cindex system configuration
The Guix System Distribution supports a consistent whole-system configuration
Guix System supports a consistent whole-system configuration
mechanism. By that we mean that all aspects of the global system
configuration---such as the available system services, timezone and
locale settings, user accounts---are declared in a single place. Such
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